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Top 3 tips for skin health

Health and beauty concepts have been fundamentally challenged, changing the way we look at skin regimes. Enter – collagen-based supplements. They are the new keystone in the ageing process, with a proven ability to give you that youthful and healthy appearance of your skin. To look and feel your best, understanding the below three elements … Continue Reading

#FutureShapers With ELITE!

ELITE support us so we can shake up your world and keep you ahead of the game. We’re on the list of 50 innovative and disruptive businesses in the ELITE network! We Minervians (aka Gold Collagen Team) are beyond proud to have been chosen as one of @_ELITEGroup_ #FutureShapers. We know that all our hard … Continue Reading

What is Vegan? What are the Myths?

Beyoncé and Jay Z are the latest top profile celebrities who are advocating for everyone to change to a plant-based diet in the name of global importance. They have written that “We all have a responsibility to stand up for our health and the health of the planet. Let’s take this stand together. Let’s spread … Continue Reading

Want to take part in Veganuary?

Want to take part in Veganuary but still need some motivation? All I have to say is start off by watching Netflix’s “The Game Changers”, a great documentary film about how athletes can benefit from plant-based eating. It will motivate you to give it your best go! People are investing more in meat alternatives as … Continue Reading

Collagen + You

Did you know that your skin is made up of 80% collagen? That’s a huge number! It’s time to find out more about collagen since it’s a big part of you. Discover what the main skin components responsible for the integrity and elasticity of the skin are. Young skin is made up of 80% collagen, … Continue Reading

Winter Means Time to Boost Your Immunity

Your health and life are important and nobody, but you are responsible for yourself.  Take note of this maxim: “Medicus curat-natura sanat!” which translates to say, “The physician cures, prescribing therapies, but it is nature that heals!” I strongly believe that the best way to achieve a healthier life is prevention and boosting.  Our body … Continue Reading

Different Tea’s You Need to Try

It’s official. Christmas is just around the corner and the cold is finally here. It’s the perfect time to wrap up in blankets and watch a movie and not cringe when it is acceptable to play Christmas music. It is also the perfect time for hot cups of tea. Let’s talk about tea. All types … Continue Reading